Get connected in MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES that are just right for you!

There are ministry opportunities everywhere around us.  No matter your age or demographic we invite you to follow Jesus by serving alongside others just like you.  Each of the areas listed below are ways that Southwinds is actively engaging people who want to serve God and others.  You are invited to come and join us in one of our awesome ministries. 

Connect with a leader today to find out more.  We need your help!

Children's Ministry

Southwinds Kids have a ton of fun stuff going on here. We get to learn about the life of Jesus and share the story of God from the Bible all the while digging into some great games and arts and crafts.  Connecting kids with Jesus is our passion and we need lots of adult helpers to make this happen.  Come follow Jesus amongst the youngest of these to find joy overflowing!

Youth Group

Come and hang out at Youth Group! We have a ton of cool stuff going on and where we can make friends and discover what following Jesus is really all about.  Not only do we have a lot of fun but we tackle serious issues going on with young people in today's world. 

Life Groups

Life Groups is the place where church and life come together.  These small group encounters help us develop relationships, reinforce our values and gain the advice of our peers while reinforcing the weekend worship experience over a shared meal.  Sometimes we all need a helping hand, a team we can rely on, friends we know are on the same journey.  Life Groups is a great way to find the fingerprints of Jesus in the lives of those around us!

Women's Ministries

Women's ministy is a broad collection of activities by women serving women as well as the church.  From Bible studies to mentoring groups to service projects to serving food to the saints, these women do it all!  Get involved serving God with women who love God!

James Gang

This men's ministry is a ministry dedicated for the fellowship of men through the service of others. We truly believe that iron sharpens iron and through the completion of projects for the church, elderly widows, and a needy community, men at Southwinds are strengthened in Christ.

Missions and Outreach

Part of Helping People Follow Jesus is creating opportunities for people to serve and give.  We all want to make sacrifices for others and for the Kingdom but we don't always know how or when or where.  This team generates ready-made projects we can all enjoy participating in together!

Tech Ministry

The Tech Ministry works to ensure our weekend services are a quality production.  These men and women show up early and leave late to get the light, sound and video settings just right. The projected visuals in the worship and the streaming services online are their handiwork!

Worship Ministry

The worship team is responsible for the creation of our Sunday worship.  From the songs we sing to the graphics we see to the message we hear, the worship ministry is hard at work to create a quality service that is beneficial and meaningingful.  They are always needing new volunteers to serve in executing their plans!

Facilities Maintenance

The church facility does not maintain itself!  Our space is kept safe, functional and beautiful by a group of people working behind the scenes.  Periodically there is a call for everyone in the church to help accomplish a special project.